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ENA Experts GmbH & Co. KG Real Estate Valuation was founded in 2010
ENA stands for Ehrenberg | Niemeyer | Adam and can be traced back to a single valuation practice founded by Birger Ehrenberg in 1996

Our company has grown successively from a local valuation practice with just five employees to an internationally active valuation company with over 30 employees. The exceptional quality of ENA Experts is that we all educated to university degree level in the real estate field and/or hold a personal certification or a publicly inaugurated appointment as a valuer of real estate.

We are independent of financial, transactional and third-party interests, and are subject to the most stringent codes of conduct, including Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ Code of Conduct. Professional experience extending over many years forms a solid base for market valuations of residential, commercial and specialist real estate, in Germany and abroad.

ENA Experts works for financing institutions, courts, capital management companies (KVGs), pension funds and insurance companies. Other companies, private sector clients and family offices, as well as local authorities and clients established under public law, are also amongst our clients.


From our central office in Mainz, we are active throughout Europe, the USA, South America and Asia.

"We work across the world, independently and directly in the market."


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