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Head Office: Mainz

Local Court Mainz | HRA 42 814

Represented by ENA EXPERTS GmbH

Head Office: Mainz

Local Court Mainz | HRA 42 814

VAT Registration No.: DE 273 401 568

Neutorstraße 3
55116 Mainz
T +49.61 31.94 21 3-0
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Responsible for content:

Birger Ehrenberg
T +49.61 31.94 21 3-0

The ENA brand is registered and protected as a trade mark throughout the Territory of the European Union.

Legal notice

Publicly appointed and inaugurated valuers perform their functions in accordance with Industrial Code [GeWO] §36. Birger Ehrenberg and Brigitte Adam have been publicly appointed and inaugurated by the Rheinhessen Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Schillerplatz 7, 55116 Mainz for the specialist valuation of developed and undeveloped sites. They act subject to the provisions of the Valuers Ordinance [Sachverständigenordnung] of the Rheinhessen Chamber of Industry and Commerce. This can be viewed at the Rheinhessen Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

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