Competence in valuations

Foreign real estate

World-wide, independent and attuned to the market

ENA Experts values foreign real estate and works currently in 24 countries. Our comprehensive, country-specific expertise puts us at the top of our profession in Germany.

Our valuations are based on internationally recognised approaches, are subject to multi-level quality assurance procedures and can be verified at every external audit. 

Our research department provides independent access to current comparative rental and purchase prices, guaranteeing market values applicable on a specified date and mortgage lending values which conform to legal requirements.

This expert knowledge is applied in valuations for real estate and special funds, and for mortgage lending valuations for banks in Europe, the USA, South America and Asia.

Portfolio valuations

Our focus since 2002

For portfolio valuations, a high number of properties must be analysed and valued within a tight timeframe and on a specified valuation date. Time-sensitive valuation requires a structured, collaborative approach. ENA Experts has developed special valuation software to do this.

We conduct all types of portfolio valuations: from desktop audits where the valuer’s first or second opinion is sought, to bulk valuations with partial surveys and aggregated individual valuations which include the determination of market and mortgage lending values.

Operational real estate

Special valuation expertise for a difficult asset class

Operational real estate has been a specialist field for ENA Experts since 1998. This type of real estate is developed for specific purposes, for example hotels, properties for the elderly, hospitals, cinemas, stadiums, shopping centres or leisure properties.

In addition to general influencing factors and a sustainable income, their success depends on the operators themselves and on the quality of their management concepts

For operational real estate, special valuation skills and experience in business analysis are required. Using turnover and cost data which are analysed for their sustainability, the typical market operating rent is determined and verified by intercompany comparison and sensitivity analysis.

Private sector, institutional investors, banks and operating-owners trust in our specialist expertise and benefit from our many years of experience.

Funds valuations

Legally- and market-conforming valuations, worldwide

Public and special real estate funds must by law be valued by independent experts. Purchase, initial or standard valuations are normally required. In order to reflect changes in market conditions, they are revalued annually and in the case of open-ended public funds, as regularly as every three months.

We had already established the initial valuations for capital management companies, (previously referred to as ‘capital investment companies’) in 2006.

Every year, we ascertain real estate values in volumes of multiples of billions of euros for capital management companies: valuation software is used for all purchase, initial and subsequent valuations for the relevant valuation date.

All national and international procedures are being applied in our valuation principles. Since many years our company is “regulated by RICS”.

Determinations of mortgage lending value

A core competence with HypZert certified experts

Mortgage lending valuations may only be conducted by qualified valuers; they serve as a basis for establishing the mortgage lending value and are therefore of fundamental importance in financing decisions and refinancing.

The high number of our employees who hold CIS HypZert (F) certification or an equivalent certification demonstrates our high level of expertise. This enables ENA to assist their banking clients by providing mortgage lending valuations in an uncomplicated process.

Analysis and Consulting

Economic feasibility studies

Many years of experience, fundamental analysis and independent consultation for all real estate markets

Independent market advice is not usual in the real estate business. Our clients benefit from our decades of experience across all regional and sectoral markets, from typical residential and office real estate to retail and logistic properties and all types of operational real estate.

We analyse the economic feasibility of alternative real estate investments such as refurbishments, new-builds, conversions or alterations and revitalisations. Our calculations are thereby based on current, well-founded market data and from the knowledge we have gained from numerous, successfully realised projects.

What drives us: providing our clients with independent advice to enable them to opt for the economically most attractive solution.

Consultation and strategy

Real estate markets are complex; no property is like any other

It is precisely in volatile markets that good advice is rare … and poor decisions are often costly.

We provide independent advice to private and institutional investors to protect them from poor investments. Client benefits are derived from our knowledge of the real estate market in all cyclical phases since the 1990s. Benefitting in particular from this are family offices without the necessary expertise in real estate markets.

We do not rely on a magical crystal ball, but instead we refer back to thousands of real estate transactions prepared by our valuers, and use our detailed market research to support you in your decision-making process. Throughout this process, we utilise our own database and industrial data, and provide you with meaningful analysis, including text and graphics.

Our advice ranges from a simple phone consultation to elaborate strategy papers. Our valuation calculations are resource-based and not influenced by future performance.
We would be happy to discuss suitable approaches with you.

Market research

Creation of market reports, studies and assessments

ENA Experts is one of the few German valuation companies with its own research department.

With our continuous market monitoring of national and international real estate submarkets, we support our customers in the analysis and evaluation of comparative rents and purchase prices as well as socio-economic structural data. Based on data from internal and external real estate information systems, we create individual and objective market reports for market and mortgage appraisals.

As part of our location research, we evaluate the opportunities and risks of property investments based on demand, target group, competition and environmental analyzes and many more. Our site analysis form the basis for being able to position existing properties and new construction projects in a sustainable and future-proof manner.

With the aim of being able to identify market-relevant developments, future investment potentials and risks for real estate markets and locations to our customers at an early stage, ENA-Research uses its own studies and reports to research trends relevant to the real estate market and location.

Transfer of knowledge

Transfer of knowledge

Experts, specialist authors, lecturers and speakers: ENA Experts

We are experts in our field and as specialist authors and seminar lecturers, we pass on our knowledge. Why? Because we enjoy doing so! And because in this way we remain experts. With every new publication or event, we develop our knowledge and extend our understanding of the topic. And, of course, we pass on the latest information to our colleagues. After all, that is the very essence of our name: ENA Experts.

Since our company was founded, our professional approach has included continual cooperation with publishers and universities, and seminar work. Furthermore, we engage with associations such as the RICS, gif, ZIA and BiiS, where we work on various committees.

"The expertise is in our people"


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